Our house went up for auction on Saturday and did not sell. Not even one genuine bid was made. It was passed in on a vendor bid.

To say that I was deflated was an understatement. A myriad of emotions were running through me. Anger, annoyance, frustration and sadness.

I was angry at the person who wanted a private inspection at 5.45pm on Friday night. Don’t you know I run a business and have kids to take to dancing and tennis?

I was annoyed at the person who wanted a private inspection at 12pm on the day of auction, when the Open for Inspection was at 12.30. Who does that if they are not serious about buying? Who does that and then doesn’t place a bid?!

I was frustrated at the person who opened the bidding with a ridiculous bid – and it really was ridiculous at almost $200,000 below the advertised price range.

But mostly I was sad that my husband and I, and our family had put so much energy and time into preparing for the Open for Inspections and the Private Inspections and that we didn’t get a result.

I was disappointed for our agent who genuinely looked and sounded like he was as disappointed as us for not getting us a result. (I think he may be one of the good ones.)

I know that this happens every week and houses go on to sell but sitting in that moment all I could feel was for myself and my family.

This morning I realized that since the auction I have been waiting. Waiting for the phone to ring with news of an offer. I have been waiting to find out what the next move is. I’ve even resorted to not having my phone on silent in case I miss a call or text.

I wonder how many people are living their lives waiting for something to happen?

Dwelling on something that you have no control over leaves you either anxious or sitting in limbo. You are not moving forward and not moving back but you are stagnant.

So I have switched my phone back to silent. It won’t be the end of the world if I miss that call because if it is important enough the message will get my attention.

I’m not going to spend my life waiting for something to happen.

See you in the gym


Tanya Carroll

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