Authentically Me – Letting go of being right

I have a been known to be somewhat strong minded. In the sense of thinking I know something is a correct and I will sometimes fight to the death to prove that I am correct. (To the death might be a slight exaggeration.)

There is rarely any place for grey in my thinking. It is either black or white.

I do think that I have a great memory for the small details which is why I think I have built up the perception in my own mind that I am correct. This is also why, that when I get it wrong, I have a long way to fall.

I have been known to correct folks when I think they are incorrect and this includes grammar.

This week I had an experience that reminded me it was not the first time I have made a mistake in trying to correct someone, just because I knew I was correct or right.

It taught me that often there are better ways of doing things than in the public eye, and also that my perception of my world is not necessarily other people’s perception of the world. What I believed was me doing someone a favour, and that they would take it lightheartedly, was actually hurting and humiliating that person.

When this was pointed out to me I felt ashamed that I hurt the person. That was never my intention. But it also got me thinking about an aspect of my personality that those close to me have brought up time and time again over the years.

I have a hard time of letting going of being right.

In the situation this week, I was right, but there was no reason for me to point it out. My opinion or correction was not needed. There was no harm in letting things go. It wasn’t going to change mine or the other person’s world if I had simply let it go. I chose not to let it go and in the process hurt someone else.

Sometimes letting things pass or taking a step back is necessary to get a clearer picture. When you are so wound up in being right, you don’t see how bad you make the other person feel until the damage has been done.

My take home from this situation is that I won’t be making the same mistake yet again, I have now learnt the lesson. I also am working on not sweating the small stuff. And in the words of Richard Carlson, ‘It’s all small stuff’.

See you in the gym

Tanya Carroll


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