So after a few weeks of games on the weekend you are probably coming to realise that you need to strategise and plan so that your recovery each week is optimal.

It is really tough to front up week after week and have the same energy and enthusiasm that you had in week one. It’s why AFL football clubs have a medical and rehabilitation staff and it is a paid job!

For the most part, people who play amateur football for their local club on the weekend are not paid athletes.

They have normal lives, and have to get up on Monday and go to their paid job. Or like many woman in our division, they have to get up the day after a match to their family and children in their unpaid job.

So how do you recover, train and get the most out of your body so that you are competitive and ready for the next match?

Here are our tips for the best recovery possible:

  • Plan meals in advance so that you can take the night of the match off (and possible the next few meals)
  • Limit your post game celebrations to one alcoholic drink and then get on the water
  • Ice the parts of your body that need some extra love
  • Plan your PT/gym sessions to have bigger lifting day earlier in the week (taper)
  • Look after your body – see someone who can help your body feel better after playing, such as your chiro, osteo or massage therapist
  • Complete an active rest – keep moving
  • Don’t schedule a heavy training session on the day of or day before a match
  • Don’t think pain is normal – get treated if you have any pain that lingers
  • Know when your period is due and taper your weight training sessions to be lighter the week before and the week of your cycle – your core is compromised during these weeks
  • Eat well – sugar and simple carbs are a quick energy fix and will spike your blood sugar levels rather than having a sustained slow release of sugar into the blood
  • Get to bed by 10.30pm on 4 – 5 times per week – your body does it’s repair during the hours of 10.30pm – 2am
  • Give gratitude to your body that is enabling you to play the game you love and give it some love back!


Tanya Carroll

Livestrong Primal Fitness

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