A few months ago a colleague in the Chek Institute program posted on our private page about a loading parameters graph. He wanted to see it and use it again, but his was in a different country in storage to where he was living.

I answered the post saying I knew exactly what he meant and then spent days searching for it.

To give myself some credit, our Chek manuals are hefty folders full to the brim of information.

I ended up giving up and not being able to find the graph.

The colleague messaged me today with the said graph as he had his Mum go through his folders where they were stored at her home – still in a different country whilst he was watching her online. Flipping through each page.

To my astonishment I realized I had been looking at and using the graph every single day.

It hangs on my wall just about 10cms above my line of sight where I sit.

We all have what we need to be successful – however that looks to you – within us. We have all the tools that we need. We have all the resources we need.

Often, as in this case, the things we need are in plain sight and it just takes stepping away and looking at the big picture, to gain focus and clarity.

Or in my case, for someone else to remind you what it is you were looking for in the first place!

In the season that is famous for new starts and resolutions, look to what you already have within before you search for the answers outside.

See you in the gym


Tanya Carroll

Livestrong Primal Fitness


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