Time is an interesting thing. “If only I had more of it,” we say. “What a waste of time” is commonly heard when we do or see something that is pointless.

One thing is for sure though. We all get the same amount of hours in a day.

Recently while taking my usual morning run and listening in to a podcast, I was drawn to the concept that we all seem to manage to fill our time up – to overflowing in more and more cases. That is a fairly obvious statement of course, but what struck me was that we tend to wish for more time then when we have it, we fill it up again with more stuff! It reminds me of every time I clean my garage. Things just start to creep back in there and before you know it, it’s full again!

Having just finished my Chiropractic degree and seemingly having more free time, I have personally never felt more “busy” By days end I am dropping into to bed like a rock and what seems like 5 minutes later the alarm goes off for the next adventure to start.

The other notable thing with this concept is that we have the choice to fill our time with what I guess we can label as A. Good for the soul or B. Not so good.

For me, I would classify section A as the things that bring us joy. Things like seeing my wife smile, knowing that I am close to opening my first Chiropractic practice, swimming and spending time with my kids and furthering my skills and education amongst so many others.

Section B would be all of those things that take me away form being happy. Things like gossip, complaining about how tough things are, glass half empty type mentality and the need to be always looking to others for entertainment or escape. Maybe even looking for someone to blame for how bad things are.

I have found that if you don’t fill your life with the “good” stuff then 100% of the time, the space will be filled with the not so good stuff.

How are you spending your time? Are you leaving too many gaps that can be filled with negativity? Take some of your precious time to evaluate where you are at. You might just find you have more time than you though once you clean out your mental garage.

This is by no means a judgment. Everyone will spend their time the way they seem fit. I noticed it in myself, which is why I chose to share.


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