Your trajectory follows your intention. This applies in the gym and in life.

Your purpose is as strong as your desire to complete a set task. Your body will follow the lead of your mind. If that lead is sloppy or half arsed, your results will reflect that.

Your intention and action both guide your path and your direction.

In recent months I have sporadically trained in the gym. I will have good weeks and then I will have weeks like the last one, where I trained only a few times. Business has been busy with us hosting three courses in the space of six days with close to 100 extra people in the gym.

It is the pendulum that I frequently talk about where it swings one way and then the other. The last few weeks the pendulum has swung heavily towards all things business related.

However knowing that and accepting that it is, means that the time I have spent training has been with intention and direction. I have been capitalizing on the precious time I have had to train so that every exercise, every movement and every moment has counted.

There is a big difference between moving like you mean it and just getting through a training session. Your nervous system works at its best when you are moving with purpose. Your nervous system will take the path of least resistance and will conserve energy unless you demand a step up in recruitment. That happens when your thoughts are focused and you mentally prepare to switch on.


See you in the gym


Tanya Carroll

Livestrong Primal Fitness

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