I get this question often…….so what makes you different from a normal gym where I can pay $12 per week or $5 for a casual visit?

It’s pretty simple. With us you are paying for high end coaching.

When you are a member of Livestrong Primal Fitness your health and movement are considered our utmost priority. When we ask you ‘how are you feeling today’ we are evaluating the stress levels in your body. We are monitoring the tone of your voice to help determine if a program should be modified so that it does not add excess stress to you if you are already at your limit.

We listen to your answer and consider your emotional well-being.

When you visit a gym where you barely even talk to the staff, that engagement is non-existent. A machine isn’t going to be able to monitor how you are feeling and how that is going to effect the way your body performs during a workout.

The weights that you lift are not going to be able to tell if your form is compromised because you had a stressful day. And that can lead to injury.

At Livestrong we carefully watch and monitor how you move. We are continuously evaluating how you are doing throughout each session. Every single time you step through our doors. It is with over 11 years practical and clinical experience that we can make a judgment call on when you should continue or when you should stop with a movement if it presents a danger to your health.

The main difference between training at Livestrong Primal Fitness and one of the mainstream gyms is that we will teach you how to move, we will teach you what it feels like to experience true health and we will take pride and care in preventing injury. The healthier you are, the less likely it is that you will sustain injuries.

Another difference between training at Livestrong and one of the mainstream gyms is that we care about not just what happens to you whilst you are training but we care about how you live a healthy life outside of Livestrong.

We are so much more than fitness.


Tanya Carroll

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