There was a moment during my Skype training call this morning when my coach, Chris, stopped me and said ‘Tanya, don’t forget it’s a horse shoe, that is meant for taking the weight of a horse’.

I was struggling to find energy after flying to Sydney and back in less than 8 hours yesterday.

My arm is still sore from a boxing session last week and my nervous system is in overload from the fear of pain and doing more damage.

I was looking for ways that the horseshoe wasn’t going to bend, so that I wouldn’t have to do it.

I think Chris’ point is that you need to have some respect for what it is you are trying to achieve. Don’t pull back and don’t get caught up in giving yourself credit, but take a moment to gather your thoughts, line up all the technicalities and then use what you have learnt to shift the thought process that is holding you back.

At one point I thought, ‘I’ve bent this steel and it’s not going to go any further today’ and I looked up at the clock to see how long I had left of my session.

And then something changed.

Motivated by the quiet and calming belief that Chris had in me, I listened carefully to his instructions and felt the metal give slightly. It happened in an instant and it was like my body suddenly lifted to another level.

It was as though my body took over and my mind said ‘Oh, okay, we are doing this bend’. The steel then bent and in that moment it felt like it was liquid and that it was working with me, not against me.

When you let go of your fear, magic can happen.

When you work alongside an obstacle it is more likely to work with you than if you were to come at it head on.

That bend left me an emotional mess! I felt all of my muscles working together on a primal level that took me back to the final moments of labour. It wasn’t the pain, but the deep feeling that came from inside me of something bigger than myself was happening.

It takes practice to have everything lined up to work in your favour. Whether that be lifting weights or meeting a deadline on a job at work. If we can tap in to the ability to switch everything on at the same time with purpose, the sky is the limit!

See you in the gym


Tanya Carroll

Livestrong Primal Fitness


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