Most of the time I am upbeat and highly motivational. But sometimes life gets the better of me. This week has been one of those weeks.

I don’t hide my emotions well. I don’t have a good poker face. When I am tired you can see it in my eyes. And when I have something going on, it is written all over me.

It might sound silly to those who don’t follow football, but when the Western Bulldogs won their match on Saturday night, I cried. The match was close right up until the last 8 seconds and it could have gone either way. I am thankful it went my teams way.

I had some shocking news last Thursday. News that is not mine to tell, but rocked me to the core. And took me back to places I thought I would never go again.

One of my children is dealing with some adult emotional issues that I am sure have also brought up memories from when he was a child, after the passing of his best friend’s father. He is also facing the realities of grandparents who are in their later years.

240509sf20All of these things are part of life.

How we choose to deal with them is reflective of how we have dealt with similar situations in the past, as well as how healthy we are in the present moment.

Life happens to everyone and it is no more fair or unfair to any single person. How you respond in times of stress is what differentiates us as people.

Some people will need support and turn to crutches for that support. Some people will internalize their emotions and push them to the side. Others will face things head on and plough through what needs to be done.

I think I do the latter. And sometimes in my hast to get through I will miss the fact that others are working at a different pace to me.

Find what works to help you deal with things when they don’t seem to be going right. Change your thought process and don’t spend too long in the negative mindset.

Talk to friends or a counsellor (we have a great one if you need a recommendation) if that is what you have found helps you.

Those who are motivators aren’t in the position because they’ve had life easy or never experienced the lows. They are motivators because the have been where you are right now, and found their way out and are inspired to help others.

Above all, ride the wave that is life, because it will go up and down again.

Amongst the Waves – Pearl Jam

See you in the gym

Tanya Carroll
Livestrong Primal Fitness

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  1. cathy says:

    Beautifully and authentically written.
    Love you!

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